Posted on: April 29, 2008 6:25 am

Nice Draft!!!

What a great draft. Mandenhall at 23 was beyond unexpected, and Limus Sweed in the seound. They picked up some crazy talent. Even Denis Dixon can bring something to the table, and I can't wait to see how he fits in, and I really want to see him run the offence during preseason. It should be exciting to see, and no shit to Nageh Davenport, sometimes he looks like a monster, but how many times did he get stuffed on 4th and short.   (A loy). So bad we resorted to running a WR reverse and the 1 yrd. line. Mendenhall will bring so much to the Steelers. Nice draft. Thank you Lions and Texans.
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Posted on: April 26, 2008 12:24 am

Day before the Draft!!!

Sittin here the day before the draft, I can see the Steelers taking several different people. It will all really depend on who falls to them, and what talent is available at their spot. The top five guys the could end up a Pittsbugh Steeler are: Cosder Cherilus, Jeff Otah, Aqib Talib, Jonathan Stewart, and Malcom Kelly.


1) Cosder Cherilus - This guy is good. He is strong, tall, big, legnthy arms, and can move his feet decently. Sometimes he gets beet by real fast pass rushers, but he only gave up 5 1/2 sacks and 4 QB pressures, in a total of around 650 pass attempts this year. For that many drop backs he held up well. Although he isn't on the top of the Steelers list, he will probaly be the only decent lineman left when their pick rolls around.

2) Jeff Otah - This is the Steelers facorite tackle. He is quick, strong, and moves great. He is an NFL tackle, but agian, will he be there in the late rounds. If he is the Steelers will jump right on him. Jeff Otah is the STeelers man, but will he be there? That's a big question.

3) Aqib Talib - This guy is my personal favorite. He is big, strong, and can tackle, just like tipicle Steelers corner backs. This guy can play man and zone and can hit, and with the Browns gearing up their offence even more, I think that if Talib is there at 23, he is gone. No matter who else is their, Talib will be a Pittsburgh STeelers if he makes all the way to 23. Offensive lineman can be taght, as long as their mean and big, but vorners are rare, and quickness and the corner position is a lot harder to teach. Talib would be their best option.

4) Jonathan Stewart - Stewart is the best overall running back in my mind, but his injury is a scary set back to teams, when it should really be looked over. He is big, strong, fast, quick, smart, creative, has good footwork, can rune north south east ans west, and can return punts and kicks. This might not be the smartest pick but would be the most exciting. The Steelers could have two 1,000 yard running backs. This would give Parker a break, and Ben Roethlisberger a break on 4th and shorts. Might be taken if no one else is left.

5) Malcholm Kelly - What not to like. Big, strong, can block, can catch everything, and runs good routes. He would be another exciting pick, and could help the Steelers become one of the top passing offences, and if no one else is left then he should be taken, but th odds are that someone else one my board will be there for the taking of the Pittsburgh Steelers.


..........Brandon Albery is going up way to high and might go as early as 5. He is quickly slipping off the Steelers boards. I think a corner for stopping the Borwns offence would be good, but if there are none, then a good o-lineman can never fail. A tall reciever like Kelly or my personal fav. Hardy is also good.


Good Luck Steelers........Go Pittsburgh 

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